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Farm to Table Grocery

A simplified, local grocery experience

At Star Emporium, we supply local goods and groceries in a charming, convenient, community-oriented marketplace. We are committed to carrying the products that our community loves, so take a quick trip to our downtown Ft. Scott market to grab your favorite items, and stumble upon some new specialties!

Local Products

Uncle Jelly’s Deli

Star Emporium’s Own

Fresh Organic Fruit & Veg

A convenient way to shop

We strive to provide the most pleasant shopping experience for all of our friends and neighbors, so we offer grocery packages, curbside pickup, and easy parking access to our downtown shop.

Grocery Bundles

Grab the essentials without the fuss of hand selecting every item. View our Bundles.

Curbside Pickup

In a hurry? Avoiding in-person shopping? No problem. We offer curbside pickup for your convenience.


Coming Soon!

Seasonal Fruit & Veggie Box

The farm offers three CSA share sizes for week commencing June 18, 2016. Below are examples of what you can expect in your box at different points in the season.

per box

Small Box

for 1 person

1 * Potatoes – Washed (500g)

1 * Broccoli (ea)

1 * Carrots – Pre Pack (500g)

1 * Mushroom – Button (200g)

2 * Tomatoes (ea)

1 * Tomatoes – Cherry (250g)

3 * Banana (ea)

3 * Kiwis (ea)

per box

Extra Large Box

for 4 - 5 people

1 * Potatoes – Washed (3kg)

6 * Broccoli (ea)

1 * Carrots – Pre Pack (1500g)

1 * Mushroom – Button (1200g)

14 * Tomatoes (ea)

1 * Tomatoes – Cherry (1200g)

16 * Banana (ea)

16 * Kiwis (ea)

What we stand for 

Farm to table grocery options

Shop small

Shop local

Something for everyone

8 Reasons To Go Organic


Avoid chemicals


Avoid GMO


Preserve our ecosystems


Support farming directly


Keep our children and future safe


Certified organic farms meet stringent standards


Tastes better and benefit from more nutrients


Avoid hormones, antibiotics and drugs in animal products

Uncle Jelly’s Deli

Take a peek at our menu and come in for a taste!

Deli Meats & Cheeses

Salad Bar

Delicious Sandwiches

Tasty sides


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